Why You Should Be Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl

These ancient Tibetan bells produce rich and soulful tones when struck, emitting strong calming and healing vibrations in the process. Today, they are used by Buddhist monks and complementary medicine practitioners alike. Undoubtedly because of how easily they promote peace and a sense of wellbeing in everyone who hears them.

Further to the obvious positive effects on mood, a study in the American Journal of Health Promotion showed that the use of singing bowls produced a greater reduction in both heart rate and systolic blood pressure compared to silence when used before a 'directed relaxation session'. This scientific evidence backs up the traditional wisdom that lies behind the concept of using sound vibrations as a healing modality.

We know that coming across a good song on the radio can transform our moods. In much the same way, we can literally take the power of sound into our own hands in order to promote positive and healthful states of being for the mind, body, and spirit. 

a plays a tibetan singing/sound bowl while holding it in their hand
You can make use of this profound healing tool to:

· Promote relaxation

· Enhance restfulness and sleep quality

· Cleanse your home and charge crystals

· Reduce stress and anxiety

· Reduce high blood pressure (linked to stress)

· Increase mental clarity and intuition

· Align your chakras

These effects make playing our bowls a perfect precursor to meditation, bed-time, a stressful meeting, or simply to welcome each new morning.

We offer singing bowls in a variety of sizes, each producing a different soothing tone. The bells have the power to leave you feeling sleepy and soothed or rested and invigorated. These are available to purchase in our shop individually, so you have the choice to experiment with a full range of sound vibrations.

We hope you get as much out of these bowls as we do!

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