holistic healing for mind, body, and spirit

Did you know That you're a star? - yes, Literally.

Naledi is the Tswana word for star.

The great Carl Sagan once said  'We are made of star stuff,' and we all know that to be true scientifically, but how often, if ever, do we connect with the existential reality of those words?

As ancient spiritual traditions have always emphasised,  we did not simply come into existence on this beautiful planet, we came FROM it. Therefore, our fundamental nature must be aligned with the Earth and the cycles of the surrounding solar system for us to experience full health and exuberance of the mind, body and spirit.

We started Naledi Wellness in a quest to share the simple tools we use to nurture ourselves with more people; with the aim to aid you in enhancing your own physical, mental, emotional and energetic vibrancy so that you may experience the sense of connection and blissful life-sensitivity that is available to us in our time on this living planet we call home.

The articles on our blog are here to enlighten and inform, and our shop's wide range of tools and health supplements are here to empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing.

With all our love, 

The Naledi Team