The Healing Properties of Amethyst

Etymology and Reputation

close-up high definition photo of a glimmering purple amethyst geode

Even the name of this potent crystal carries an echo of the powerful vibration it holds. The word amethyst comes from the ancient Greek amethystos, meaning ‘not intoxicated’. This hints at the reputation this mineral had among the ancients as a sobering stone; it has wonderfully sharpening effects on the intellect and cognition.


As well as calming and soothing the mind, body, and spirit; we've found that meditations with the help of amethyst are spiritually expansive because the crystal quiets the conscious mind and promotes deep insight into subconscious processes, which allows us to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly.


amethyst clusters
Use amethyst during meditations when you seek:
  • Calmness

  • Physical and emotional balance

  • Peace

  • Increased patience

  • Decreased brain-fog/confusion

  • Greater objectivity

  • Creative ideas

  • Relief from insomnia

In that vein, amethyst works well when placed on your work desk for concentration and brilliant ideas or under your bed for more restful sleep.


If you are interested in practical magic, amethyst is the perfect choice for a crystal to incorporate into ritual because it emits a powerful vibration force that will amplify your purposeful web of synchronous objects (aka spell), especially when used in relation to:

  • Wealth. The naturally rich purple colour of Amethyst crystals alludes to royalty, prestige, and material status. It will also give you the discernment to make good financial decisions.

  • Love. Amethyst famously increases clarity, allowing you to see yourself and others more clearly. This is immensely helpful when meeting new potential partners, so you might like to keep some amethyst in your pocket when on a first date. It’s also useful when holding space for difficult conversations within an existing relationship.

Cleansing and Charging

Everything needs a good clean sometimes, and you’ll know when it’s best to energetically cleanse and charge your amethyst when it feels less effervescent or even appears dull to the naked eye.

Additionally, make sure to cleanse your crystals after they’ve aided you through heavy spiritual or emotional tides. You can cleanse them by:

  • Running underwater. Tap water is great, but natural bodies of water like springs, rivers, or the sea are even better.

  • Salt. Lightly brush with sea salt then rinse with water

  • Sound. Sing, chant, or use singing bowls near your crystals.

  • Smoke. You can choose to burn or herbs like sage or copal.

  • Moonlight. The moon is a powerful cleanser and charger, especially on the night of a full moon. Just leave your crystals to bathe in the moon’s light for a few hours to charge and refresh.

As the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Aquarius, these gorgeous would make the perfect gift for a February baby. We hope you enjoy amethyst as much as we do.

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