The Healing Properties of Jade Crystals

Jade is a uniquely alluring crystal. It comes in a variety of colours, but the most well known are found in shades of fertile green. It is said that if you find yourself drawn to this lush green stone, you may require livening up! Used and valued for thousands of years, jade not only brings good luck but also the wisdom and vision to see where you have been limiting yourself in your life. When used in meditation or carried close to the body, jade can help to drive out negativity and usher in a more optimistic point of view.

an intricately carved green jade crystal representing luck and wealth
a jade dragon statue representing luck and wealth

What does it represent?

Mirroring the verdant green that reflects life on our planet, jade represents growth and vital energy. An old Chinese saying goes ‘gold is valuable while jade is priceless’, and this beautiful stone holds clear correspondences with wealth and prosperity. You could do well to carry a piece of jade in a purse or keep some in a money box when looking to manifest financial abundance, but this is not where it’s powers end. Jade fosters existential prosperity, more happiness, opportunity, and contentment. Other correspondences include:

  • Luck and fidelity in love

  • Honesty

  • Consistency in effort

  • Hope

  • Clarity of mind relating to opportunities

  • Physically: the spleen and pelvic areas

Relationship to the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra (Anahata) is associated with jade because of the balance, harmony, and security it brings. Jade amplifies feelings of gratitude and would be an excellent companion for meditations involving love and releasing self-doubt and worry. As the bridge between the lower (security) and higher (spiritual) chakras, the heart chakra is a great place to start when looking to promote balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Jade in Skincare

Known as the crystal of eternal youth, jade is wonderful to use in the application of facial moisturisers and serums for anti-aging effects. Our jade rollers and sculptors also work on a physical level by stimulating blood vessels and facilitating the healthy movement of lymph fluid through massage, making your face supple, reducing puffiness, and optimising the absorption of skincare products. The cooling crystal also reduces tension in the facial muscles, which alleviates stress for a happier you.

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