How Do Crystals Really Work?

If you think that crystals are going to magically change your life, you’re going to be very disappointed…

They really are just beautiful rocks. So why are so many people, including some of the most successful and famous among us, convinced of their power?

In the same way that a tree is just a tree and clay is just clay, crystals are just rocks. It is when we engage with them as the tool-using animals that we are, that everything changes.

Now a tree is a source of shade on a blistering day, a generator of warmth as firewood, or a life-preserving medicine through careful use of its bark and leaves.

Now clay is moulded into a cup that you can drink from, into the tiles on the roof of your home, or part of the very bricks that make up your house.

So what about crystals?

They are also tools that can enrich your life, but in an energetic sense; they are talismans. A talisman is an object that is imbued with an energetic signature that can be used to amplify your intentions, ground, and centre you, or protect you from unwanted energies. For example, amethyst is a powerful protective stone. 

As well as guarding you against external negative energy and intentions, amethyst can help you transmute your own negative energy into self-love.

You might find yourself drawn to amethyst if you are stressed, anxious, and in need of clarity and focus.

You may have an intuitive sense that you are more than your physical body and your thoughts. That ‘more’ is your energetic self, the part of you that senses and interacts with phenomena beyond the material realm of *stuff*. You can get closer in touch with that part of yourself through meditation and energy building and bending exercises, and you can use crystals to magnify your energetic perception, call certain energetic frequencies closer, and avoid or minimise others.

A really easy way to use crystals in your daily life is to carry one with you. For example, if you need help staying in the present moment and keeping a cool head, lapis lazuli is your friend.

As well as serving as a visual or physical reminder of your intentions, crystals support you energetically to create the changes you want to make in your life. While that may not quite be magic, it’s pretty damn close.

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