10 Minute Singing Bowl Meditation

A meaningful meditation practice doesn't have to involve you sitting in monk-like silence under a bodhisattva tree for six hours a day.

Everything is simpler when you can just carve out ten minutes from your normal day specifically to calm and unburden your mind. When you find yourself unable to quiet racing thoughts, a singing can be a welcome aide to centre your focus.

Below, we've detailed instructions for a short sound meditation, one that's easy to do using one of our singing bowls; it's especially good for when you're feeling overwhelmed by mental and emotional (even physical) noise.

play your Tibetan sound/singing bowl with an open palm
play your singing bowl on an open palm

The Meditation

1) Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, you can set a timer for ten minutes

2) Open your meditation by knocking your singing bowl three times

3) When the last knock has rung out, use your mallet to turn around the rim of the bowl, circling it once. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on the sound and try to feel the vibration it makes, on your ears and the rest of your body. Feel the difference between when you first turn the bell and the moment before you can no longer hear the sound. Focus on how the resonance of the bell changes.

4) Repeat step 3 as long as you would like or until your timer goes off

5) To close the meditation, knock the singing bowl three times


Feel free to customise this meditation in any way you feel comfortable. It might be useful to hum along with the sounds you make with the bowl if you have been feeling limited or unable to express yourself, or you might find that you enjoy a shorter or longer time-frame.

Happy meditating!

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